McLeod’s Daughters star scores Spartacus big break



What a difference five years has made in Brett Tucker’s career. In 2006, he was on McLeod’s Daughters with Dustin Clare, filming on the land in country South Australia.


Now, Brett has landed one of the key roles in the new season of the US hit Spartacus, starring as Roman senator Varinius opposite Dustin as gladiator Gannicus.


“Dustin and I are good mates and had a great time working together again,” Brett tells us.

Unlike Dustin, who sported a few flesh-baring gladiator outfits in the second series Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena, Brett keeps his clothes on.


“I don’t wear anything like him – I think I am too old for that now,” the 39-year-old laughs.

Brett filmed four episodes of the new season in Auckland, New Zealand, where Spartacus is made, and will return to film his final two episodes in August. The new season goes to air in the US in January.


The role of Varinius is the biggest US television role Brett has scored since he moved to LA in late 2009 after a three-year stint in Neighbours. He has also appeared in US shows Off The Map and CSI.


“Now that I have a foot in the door, I plan to balance the career between LA and Australia,” he reveals.


Source: ninemsn / TV Week