Neighbours (by BMS)

Brett Tucker acted as more than one character at the series Neighbours.

He appeared the first time as Davo in 1992. 

In 1994 Brett Tucker was back as pub patron and a builder.

One year later he played a golf instructor.

And in 1996 he took the character Ned Goodman.

In 1999 Brett Tucker appeared the first time as Daniel Fitzgerald at the series Neighbours.

Daniel and Sam met at university, fall in love and married. Sam has a bipolar disorder, which were a reason for a miscarriage. As Sam wants it, they separate.

Daniel is a teacher at Erinsborough High School.

In 2000 Brett Tucker left the series. Seven years later he took the character Daniel Fitzgerald again.

He became a counselor at the Erinsborough High School.

Before the relationship between Libby Kennedy and him could really start, Dan´s wife is back. Daniel agrees to try it again with Sam. She said she is pregnant, but she is not.

Both want to start a new life in New Zealand. But at the end Sam noticed Dan´s feelings for Libby. They divorced.

But there is a new man in Libby´s life. It is Dan´s brother Lucas.

Because he is the “bad brother”, Libby separated from him at the end.

Dan and Libby get into a competition about the job as acting Head of Erinsborough High.

At last both get together at the end.

But then Sam is back and Dan thinks he is the father of her daughters, but he is not.

Libby und Dan had to go through an accident at rafting. Dan would not believe that Libby was killed at the accident. He could find her still alive, but hurt.

Finally Libby and Dan marry.

A short time later Libby collapsed at the wedding ceremony.

It is turned out that Libby is pregnant, but she looses her child.

Later Libby´s mother offers to carry a baby for her. Libbys agrees and now they are expecting a baby.

But Susan lost that baby. Libby and Dan´s relationship began to apart as Libby blamed Dan for the miscarriage. They try to save their marriage but it does not work.

As Dan met Steph and they slept together, he decided to leave for good.

Libby stopped him and shouted at him. Dan got in his car and drove away.