That the father was a soldier and bad experiences on his own as soldier, stamp the life of Riley Ward. It looks like that it is easier for to get in contact with a horse than with a human being.

Together with Stevie Hall he starts a brumby training business at Drover´s. He also becomes the Overseer of Killarney.

Step by step Riley starts friendships with Patrick Brewer, Kate Manfredi, Jodi McLeod and the other ones.

He gets feelings for Jodi McLeod. But as Rob/Matt comes back, there is no more chance for Riley.

After Jodi and Matt become a part of witness protect program, the friendship between Riley and Kate gets closer and closer.

As Mitch Wahlberg arrives Riley was confronted with his time at the armee. Mitch´s short guest performance has influences on Kate, too. But Riley and Kate solve that problem together.

At Christmas there is the first kiss between Kate and Riley. But before there will be more between both, there is an accident at Christmas Evening. Gace, Patrick, Taylor and Riley crash into the river with the car. From now on Riley is missing and later he would be declared as dead.