First appearance S0E01: Past Transgressions

S2E05: Libertus
S3E01: Enemies of Rome

Last appearance N/A
Profession Gladiator (House of Batiatus)
Roman Citizen
Race Celt
Relationships Oenomaus (Friend, deceased)
Melitta (Friend/Former Lover, deceased)
Ulpius (Doctore, deceased)
Crixus (Rival/Friend, deceased)
Spartacus (Rival/Friend)
Agron (Friend)
Donar (Friend, deceased)
Otho (Rival, deceased)
Barca (Friend, deceased)
Auctus (Friend, deceased)
Marcia (Former Sexual Partner, deceased)
Saxa (Former Sexual Partner)
Sanus (Friend, deceased)
Attius (Friend, deceased)
Totus (Friend, deceased)
Sibyl (Lover)
Lugo (Friend)
Julius Caesar (Enemy)
Status Active
Actor/Actress Dustin Clare

Interview with Dustin  HIER