Stephanie Jane Hall (called Stevie Hall) grew up with her older sister Michelle in her parents’ home. Her cousin Ben is one of her closest friends


At the age of fifteen Stevie got pregnant by her friend from school Will. She got a daughter called Rose. Stevie was kicked out of her parents’ house.


One year later the real problems begin as Rose got ill. Stevie wanted to the best for her daughter and so Stevie decided to gave her daughter away to her sister Michelle and her husband. Rose grew up believing that Michelle is her mother and Stevie her aunt.


Stevie started her career at the rodeo business. She met Claire McLeod while competing in rodeos and camp draft. Claire and Stevie became friends.


One day Stevie came to Drover´s Run. Claire asked her to stay and work at the farm. Tess didn´t like that idea. She believes Stevie wanted to take place in Claire´s life.


After the sudden death of Claire, Tess began to grow close friends with Stevie. Tess wanted to support Stevie telling Rose the truth about her real mother. Stevie became a part owner of Drover´s Run.


While Stevie is thinking how and if she could tell Rose the truth, Rose found out the truth herself accidentally. It needed its time that Stevie and Rose solve their problems and became friends.


As Tess and Nick decided to move to Argentina Stevie became the one in charge on Drover´s Run. One day Tess came back and everyone is thinking that Nick is dead. Stevie is doing her best to support her friend.


One day Stevie discovers that she is feeling more than friendship for her old friend Alex Ryan. Before she could say “I love you.” Alex left his home. As he returned Stevie is happy. But then she noticed the woman next to Alex. It is Fiona Webb, his fiancée.


Alex married Fiona. In contrast with Alex Fiona noticed Stevie’s feelings for Alex. Alex needed sometime till he noticed his own feelings for Stevie and to uncover Fiona´s lies. Alex and Fiona settle for a divorce.


Stevie and Alex had to get rid of some problems at first but then they got married at last. They went to Argentina for their honeymoon. Stevie came back to Australia alone, Alex got some work in Argentina. Both are happy as Stevie noticed that she is pregnant.


A short time before Stevie should get her child, Alex returns. On the way from the airport back home to Drover´s Alex had a deadly accident. In his last minutes he recorded a video message for his unborn child.


The next morning Alexander Hall-Ryan (called Xander) was born.


Stevie needed the help from all her friends in that situation her cousin Ben came to Drover´s to help her.


It takes its time that Stevie learned to leave with her sorrow. Maybe there is new love for her as the new local vet Russ arrived.


Simmone Jade Mackinnon acted as Stevie Hall.