Alexander ‚Alex `Marion Ryan is the oldest son of the family Ryan, a neighbour family of the McLeods, which belongs the farm Killarney . After he flews from 2 boarding schools, he works on the farm of his father, which he is to take over once. He is in the constant contest with his brother Nick and maintains his Bad Boy image, which lets he arrive very good with the women. Which he knows to estimate in addition, use. But deeply in his heart it gives only one woman who really means him all. The accident of Nick, for which Harry makes Alex responsible for, hangs like a dark veil over the Ryan family. Nobody of them speaks about it. And it determines nevertheless their all lives.

A secret of his mother changed his life finally fundamentally. At Harrys and Liz 30. Wedding day, came out, that Alex was not from Harry. Liz was already pregnant, when she married Harry. Alex pulled thereupon to his brother Nick to Wilgul and spoke for a long time no word with Harry.

After the birth of Claires daughter Charlotte, whose godfather he besame, Alex wanted to know, who his father was. Because Claire had likewise after Melbourne, since she was selected briefly before from the Farmer federation to the chairman, they drove together into the city. Alex met its father Bryce Redstaff. Alex and Claire met in these days and became after all the years nevertheless still another lovers. Alex was aewfully happy and drew in some days, after they were back from Melbourne. The luck seemed to be perfect, Alex wanted to make a proposal for Claire, but then something terrible happened. Claire died by a car accident. Alex does not get along for a long time with her death.

A few years later he marries Fiona, which he becomes acquainted with in the city, where he drives to a controversy with Harry. Fiona pretends him a pregnancy, in order to retain him. And their plan comes up, at least which concerns the wedding. But after Alex found out tue truth, he was separated a little later from Fiona.

He felt in love already longer with Stevie. An old acquaintance from its Rodeotime. Some time later, the both married. On the wedding journey to Argentina, where they visited Nick and Tess, Stevie becomes pregnant. Alex remains with Nick in Argentina, in order to make some more money. Comes to Christmas for a few days at home. Shortly before the birth of his common son Xander, Alex returns then finally home. On the drive to home they make a short break, because Alex wants to vacate a branch of the road. He and Stevie stand under a tree, as a further, large branch break down. Alex force Stevie away, so that she and the baby do not pass anything. He is met by the large, falling down branch and is under this. Stevie tries over mobile phone to call assistance and release Alex alone. But she does not create it.

Finally Alex dies on his injuries. While he was under the tree and Stevie tried to get assistance over mobile phone, Alex took up a video message with his new bought camera for its unborn son.