Waterrats (by BMS)

Aaron Jeffery is acting as Senior Constable Terry Watson. He spent his youth travelling two hours by train to the ocean to surf.
Some thinks Terry is the strong silent typ. To some that means Terry is a first-class police man, disciplined, street wise and used to holding his feelings in check for his job as police diver.
To others he is a real working class boy with resentment towards anyone who had it easy in live. That’s the reason why he gives his colleague Fiona Cassidy such a hard time at first.
Actor Aaron Jeffery signed up for a dive course, as he get that character Terry Watson.
Aaron Jeffery said about the police diver and his character Terry Watson: “They are hard guys. They lool for dead bodies. That is their job. There is also a lot of irony in the way they look at the world and the things they said. Terry is good at what he does abd knows it.”
Terry Watsons character is not so far away from Aaron Jeffery.
But getting older Aaron to relax a bit.

Terry leaves the “Water Rats” team after an unpleasant encounter with Gina Downie, a young woman who´s obsessed with Terry. She hearts him and his career as diver is in danger, so he decided to leave, but later on he will be back as guest.