In the series McLeod’s Daughters the character David Enoch Brewer named Dave was acted by Brett Tucker. Dave is the eldest of the two Brewer brothers. He is the local vet in the district.

His life is affected of bad influences in his destiny. As a young boy he saw his father’s suicide, his wife died at a car accident.

Somehow Dave is a guy women like. He is smart, sensitive, a loyal friend and humorous.

For a period of time he was the fiancé of Tess McLeod. But as Tess got ill Dave had to fight his demons of the past at first. They separated.

Sometimes later Dave is back. He starts a relationship with Regan McLeod.

He makes it up with his younger brother Patrick.

The relationship with Regan becomes a friendship.

As he got the offer to work in Africa, he wants to refuses at first. But Kate Manfredi, whom still loves Dave, talks Dave into doing it.

In the last minute Dave notices his true feelings for Kate, both leave the series together to go to Africa.

As the relationship ended Kate comes back alone.

In the last episodes of the series we learn, that Patrick and his girl-friend Taylor want to visit Dave in Africa very soon.